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We work around understanding science from data and statistics.


Research Projects

We are interested in anything related to data. Our statistical methodological research focus on developing the following two research areas:

People Working in Open Office

Public Health Statistics

Public Health
Mental Health Data
Covid-Related Data

Startup Development Team

Climate Extremes


Get Data
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Kaushik Jana

Lab Supervisor

Statistician and interested in data of all kinds. His research interests are centred around are development and application of statistical methods to the problems that have direct relevance to practical issues.

Shreya Doshi

Web Designer, Student of Ahmedabad University

Shreya is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. Building websites is one of her specialties.  With a strong determination to become a full-stack developer, she has done some projects in this field as well. C programming, data structures, HTML, and CSS are among the skills that she learned till now and she's still learning more.

Saumya Bharadwaj

Website Developer, Content Writer
Undergrad Major in Computer Science

With a keen interest in Data Science and Business Analytics, Saumya enjoys creating technical content in the form of site blogs and articles. She has undertaken several projects in Python and Database Management Systems and continues to develop further skills in this field.

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